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Are you looking for a unique college experience at a college which emphasizes academics and encourages athletics (D3) and community service; A school which requires travel abroad and has a nationally-ranked dance program which doesn’t require auditions? Look no further, Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland may be the perfect college for you. Nestled on a 300 acre site just north of Baltimore, this school also has a ranked equestrian program right on campus. Close by is an urban garden which supplies some of the fruits and vegetables used by the campus caterers.

It has a diverse population with international appeal. Students come from a variety of countries and from almost all 50 states. 

During a recent visit to campus I heard the new President Jose Bowen, a recent transplant from Southern Methodist University, define the overarching mission of the college by calling it the 3 R’s: Relationships, Resilience, and Reflection. While its emphasis is on the Liberal Arts an understanding of technology is critical for survival in today’s modern business world and every student has requirements in that area. Most Goucher students take a few majors as well as a minor or two.

Students who apply to Goucher can use the traditional Common Application or their new Video app, an innovative approach to applying to college whereby a student demonstrates how he or she aligns with the Goucher mission. This is a wonderful way for students to demonstrate that they are more than just a number!

Freshmen students are watched carefully to be sure they are adjusting to college life academically and emotionally. They will be flagged or given kudos to recognize their progress or lack of it in their classes at 4 and 8 weeks during their first semester. Participating in undergraduate research is a requisite for graduate and professional school and opportunities are ample at Goucher as are numerous internships in the Baltimore area.

Goucher has been ranked #1 for its outstanding Study Abroad programs with semester programs included in a student’s tuition. The types of programs are varied in terms of length and types. Students are oriented prior to their departure and often tie their experience into their majors.

The philosophy of this school resonated with me because it gives D3 athletes the opportunity to continue playing their sports at a high level while focusing on academics. Goucher emphasizes the academics but knows the value of community service, travel abroad and the social benefits of attending college.

If you’re a senior who’s still unsure of your college list or a junior contemplating where to apply next year and if the criteria mentioned above match your thoughts about college life, consider exploring Goucher as a possibility. It’s rated as one of the top ten innovative schools in the country by US News and World Report.

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