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Dear Estelle. One of the colleges where my daughter applied just notified her that they had failed to receive her transcript and secondary school report. She has been very diligent in preparing and following up on her applications to ensure that everything has been completed on time. She also mentioned a friend who had submitted five common applications online simultaneously for a January 15 deadline, who just recently discovered her supplements and payments had been received but not the applications themselves. Fortunately she was notified by one of the colleges and was able to resubmit all but one. Are these mishaps common?  Sam W., Parent, Centennial, CO

No, these mishaps aren’t common considering the huge number of students who apply to college each year multiplied by the number of applications they submit. The convenience of applying online and utilizing the Common Application has also contributed to the deluge. However, when they do occur, these mishaps become very personal problems with students who wonder, “How could this happen to me, I’ve been so careful organizing and preparing the applications.” Just a word of caution, glitches do happen occasionally. Students need to follow up on everything! If submitting online through Common Application.org, make sure to check the application status page/application checklist, which lists the colleges, applied to, the date submitted and the date downloaded by the colleges. When submitting an application online to an individual college, an acknowledgment should also be forthcoming that they have received your material. Just pressing the appropriate “send” button isn’t enough insurance. Keep records of receipt of your submissions. Make copies if you’re still sending paper applications. After all the work, there’s no need to be rejected because of a technical glitch or missing application items.

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