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Dear Estelle. I’ve been noticing a lot of articles in the paper lately about the demand for engineers. Sarah excels in math and sciences and is considering engineering as a career. We have encouraged her to pursue her dreams and engineering seems to suit her skills and personality. Are there any women in engineering? Lexie C. Centennial, CO

If your daughter is a junior in high school this would be a good time for her to do some career exploration and research. If you have friends, particularly women, in engineering you might ask if your daughter could shadow them for a day to gain insight into the field. Increasingly, young women who excel in math and science are entering engineering programs.

Nearly 70,000 engineers graduated from American universities this past year but it still is inadequate to meet the increased demand for engineers. Many high-tech jobs are still being outsourced abroad. Training more engineers has become a national priority. Engineering grads are receiving multiple offers and presumably excellent bonuses for signing on. Engineers are needed in a wide variety of fields, from designing technical equipment to building highways. Several of the booming fields in engineering include civil, environmental, biomedical, mechanical and chemical which is one of the lead “nanotech” disciplines. Salaries for new graduates start at about $50,000 and the demand looks good.

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