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Question. My dream is to become a pediatrician some day. The pictures on television and in magazines of ill, poverty-stricken, malnourished children who lack basic health care and adequate food affect me alot. After college, I would like to attend medical school, become a pediatrician and work in some remote, underserved area of the world. As I apply to colleges around the US I am contemplating removing liberal arts schools from my final list because I heard they do not have good science programs compared to large universities.
– JS, Senior, Cherry Creek High School

Answer. First of all, I laud your altruistic idea of “healing the world.” People like you who have a dream have conceived many great humanitarian efforts. Your concern about attending a liberal arts college because of inadequate sciences is faulty however, a myth! The term, liberal arts, is actually a shortened title of the term “Liberal Arts and Sciences.” Most liberal arts colleges have been emphasizing the sciences for over a century or more. The best way to learn sciences is to do them and this opportunity usually exists in schools with small classes and fewer students in the labs. Proportionately more PhD scientists and physicians earned their undergraduate degrees in small liberal arts colleges than large universities. Although, you seem convinced of having a career as a doctor, you might change your mind and change your major. Being at a liberal arts school will enable you to do this.

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