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Do you have a laundry list of suggestions you give to your clients so they qualify for “best applicant” status. We know that grades and test scores are most important just to qualify for acceptance but what else can a student do to make themselves a stand-out? 

MS, Littleton High School

Grades and test scores, (when required,) represent a wrap-up of your whole high school experience and are the #1 factor in determining your acceptance. Other ways you can enhance your application and make you a standout when compared to someone with equal qualifications include:

  • Forget the funky email address. Be mature and represent yourself as an adult.
  • Check your email regularly. Admissions people communicate most typically with prospective students via email. They notify you of scholarships, campus visits and important deadlines.
  • Provide your cell phone number on your applications because admissions office prefers to contact you directly.
  • Take the supplemental questions on the common application seriously. The common application is a generic form for over 450 colleges.The supplements provide the colleges with actual reasons why you want to attend their school. Be thoughtful when you answer and do your research.
  • Show demonstrated interest by visiting campuses and meeting with admissions reps and alums visiting your high school.
  • Don’t mess up senior year.  Poor performance can result in withdrawing your acceptance.
  • Always answer optional questions on the application
  • Remember to provide your social security number on the application.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to complete this important project.

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