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Dear Estelle. Recently I returned to Denver after spending four glorious years at a terrific northeastern college, the school of my dreams. I have friends throughout the country and a great interest in intellectual pursuits but alas no substantive thoughts on how to enter the real world and earn a living. I interviewed for several corporate-type jobs on campus last spring but none appealed to me. I thought of possibly doing a transition type of job but don’t have an inkling what that should be. I’m definitely not the “waiter” type. My parents are being patient but encouraging. My grandparents gave me a substantial gift for graduation, which tempts me to travel abroad for a year or buy a car. Considering the current economic downturn I feel more pressure to get serious. Either way I’m still lost as to future direction. Can you suggest a plan?
J. Simon, Cherry Hills

Wow! I empathize with you. You are in a difficult quandary and the economic conditions in our country are daunting. Trying to find a niche in the real world can seem like an overwhelming task after your excellent college experience. All of a sudden your bachelor’s degree seems to have little relevance to the job market. You have lots of company. A significant number of students see no relationship between their college major and their career goals. However, don’t negate the important skills you’ve acquired during the last four years. Regardless your major, you have acquired skills and knowledge that are sought after and applicable to many fields. This is an important time to consider a systematic approach to career planning and I would recommend that you contact a career professional, like myself, who can assist you with career assessments and individual coaching.

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