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Dear Estelle. Next month I graduate from a prestigious Midwest liberal arts college. “It’s been a great ride.” My education and time on campus were excellent. Now as I contemplate my future, I continue to be drawn to the health field, with the goal of becoming a physician. Whereas most students continue on with medical school immediately after college, my degree falls short of the necessary science requirements. My GPA is high and I know I’d excel if I could get into medical school. How do I make up my deficiency? Lynn C., Carleton College

Apparently you are not the only student to decide that you wanted to become a physician when you are nearly a college graduate. Many young people do so even after they’ve been out in the working world for several years. Fortunately, there are many programs available for students, here in Colorado and around the country, where you can pick up the missing requirements while still figuring out whether medicine is your chosen field. These programs run for one to three years and are entirely acceptable to medical school admissions officers. Some programs, like Columbia University’s Post Baccalaureate Premedical Pre-health Program in New York City, actually offer students ongoing exposure to medicine through full-time employment, research, or volunteer work. It is the oldest in the country. This program is lengthier than some but has its advantages. Check it out!

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