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Dear Estelle. Adam, our junior, will most likely fail a course required for graduation this semester. Because of his huge commitment to the school theatre program and subsequent lack of time, he is simply unable to complete his homework and frequently receives “D’s” or “F’s” on exams. He is an academically gifted student, and his ACT scores are high, but unfortunately studying and turning in homework have not been his priorities. He plans to attend college to study theatre but at this rate will be short of the credits required for graduation. Just as an addendum, he recently accepted a job as a camp counselor for the summer, so how will he find time to make up this course if he fails it?  Anxious Parent, Littleton.

My initial recommendation could be that you let Adam “sink or swim” based on his personal choices in how he spends his time. His passion for the theatre has prevented him from seeing that failing classes will not get him into college. What he will need is either a summer school program (which now seems difficult with his commitment to camp) or perhaps an Online High School. Many exist throughout the US and offer accredited classes, flexibility, and loads of different courses. A popular choice is the University of Miami Online High School in Florida. If your child is deficient in a course this might be a perfect option. This requires a commitment, however, just like a regular high school course. If he doesn’t complete the work, he won’t receive the credits he needs to graduate. Students who would like to acquire additional credits to accelerate their high school timetable might also want to explore this option. Courses are highly interactive and interesting.

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