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Dear Estelle. I am planning to transfer schools next fall and have a few logistical concerns regarding the application. Most of my applications are due after February. What is the purpose of the mid-term report on the common application if the college report and application will be sent “mid-term?” I’m just a little confused about this item on the application.  Freshman Transfer Student

Little items can sometimes create confusion when filling out the Common Application or any college applications, and this is a question I’ve heard several times this year. For fall transfer, colleges require both the first semester grades and the “mid-term report” during the middle of the second semester. For the mid-term report each professor indicates the student’s current grade in the course and signs it. The student can then send the mid-term report to all his/her transfer colleges.

Sending the mid-term report becomes somewhat of a balancing game. It’s important that the student requests the grades in time for an admissions decision but late enough so he/she has completed a significant amount of coursework. Usually the mid-term report is sent sometime in March after the student has submitted his applications.

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