estellemeskin-photoEstelle Meskin
is a Certified Educational Planner, College Coach, and National Certified Career Counselor based in Denver. For over 20 years, hundreds of clients have benefited from Estelle’s assistance in making successful transitions from high school to college and from college to pprofessional school or career, and, if necessary, transferring from one college to another.  Learn more…

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“Estelle helped one of my family members with his college applications.

“Estelle helped one of my family members with his college applications. She did such a brilliant job that another family member used her services too! I highly recommend her." Connie C.

“College planning was an overwhelming process

and had the potential of creating great stress between me and my folks. Your objective help and direction was wonderful." — Ally, high school senior

“After being in college almost a year, I think I can say I’m really in a perfect place.

This school is terrific. I cannot thank you enough for all your help in identifying and preparing me for the right college." — Lucy, college freshman

“Thanks so much for all your time, care and energy.

We really appreciate everything and are very pleased with the results. Your insite into good college matches for John was remarkable. — Parents of a college student

“Thank you for all you have done

for Katja—encouraging her, guiding her, reassuring her. You are the best!"

“Thank you for all the work you did

with Jamie to get her thinking about and selecting her college. We appreciate the help you provided and know it made a difference for her."

“You have helped me pick the field

I want to go into and the college that would fit me the best. Thank you so much for all your help."

“Having a learning disability

poses extra problems for students seeking a college match. Your ability to find colleges for Dan with good LD support plus location, athletics, and a good social environment was very important to us." — Parents of a student with a learning disability

“I just wanted to express my gratitude

for all you've done for me—setting up interviews and spending hours helping me decide my future." — Law student

“We decided to work with Estelle because

we trusted her and wanted an independent, “level head” to give expertise about the overwhelming world of the college application process. Estelle was a great help to all of us, especially in developing the final list of schools, giving input on her essay and activities list, and helping to ensure that she was on track with deadlines. Working “long distance” was easy. We used e-mails to stay connected, combined with periodic conference calls and occasional face-to-face meetings. Actually because of the ease and convenience of electronic communications, we could have accomplished this without ever having a face to face meeting.” — M. and J. S., Chicago Long distance counselees