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Question. Everyone’s telling me to apply electronically. It’s faster, more accurate, non-duplicative, and easier. Being rather compulsive I don’t mind filling out applications “by hand” to ensure their neatness and accuracy. Considering that I’m not tech-savvy and perfectly content to submit my applications by mail, what, if any, are the advantages of applying online? Do admissions people give equal treatment to online applications.?
– A senior, Cherry Creek High School

Answer. You bet they do! There’s been a huge surge in applying online. In fact, it’s getting to the point that most colleges prefer online applications.

You can apply to multiple colleges and complete the basic information only once. And you get instant feedback that the colleges have received your application. It has been suggested that the on-line applicant has an advantage in rolling admissions because his application gets there quickly. No last minute rush to the post office to beat the deadline for a postmark. Some colleges will even waive the fee if you apply electronically.

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