Crafting an Excellent College Essay

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How to Qualify for “Best Applicant” Status

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Competition for the Common Application

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University of California Application Revamped for 2016-17

Rising seniors planning to apply to any of the University of California schools next fall, should prepare for a new experience. The essays have been changed to “personal Insight questions” … Continue reading

Extracurriculars and Community Service That Count

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Admissions Decisions are in Full Swing

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What’s All the Hype About the New PSAT?

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Transfer Applicant Questions Timeline of Mid-Term Report

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“A”-cing The College Interview

Scott, Cherry Creek High SchoolDear Estelle, I am receiving invitations to interview with alumni from colleges where I have applied regular decision. Naturally this is very exciting but I’m swamped … Continue reading

Senioritis Rampant!

Dear Estelle. With college applications complete, a few acceptances, and half of second semester gone, our senior has assumed a new personna. She no longer gives adequate time to homework, … Continue reading