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Dear Estelle, I need help with my college list. Every college I research appeals to me and it’s impossible to reduce the number to less than 20 schools. There are large universities in small towns and small colleges in rural areas. Several offer my sport, lacrosse, and some offer my favorite major. I plan to be an architect when I graduate. I’m not sure about the Greeks. Academically, I’m a pretty good student, mostly A’s and B’s with lots of AP classes. I plan to retake both the SAT andACT hoping to improve my scores. My problem? In a few weeks I will be a senior and don’t know how to reduce my college list.
– G W., Cherry Creek High School

Dear G.W. By this time of year you should be close to finalizing your college list. Your inability to downsize indicates that you haven’t taken the time to take a good look at yourself and consider the factors that are important to you. Examine your grades and test scores and make certain that the schools you are considering accept students with your academic record.

No doubt you’ve visited some colleges here in Colorado and have a good sense about size and place. Do you really know what major you wish to pursue and are you certain about your career choice? Some career exploration might confirm whether you have the interests and aptitudes required for that specific career.

Has your family considered hiring an educational planner to assist you in developing your college list and and/or explore career options? With a college advisor’s expertise, you can develop a college list that includes colleges meeting your profile and suiting your parents’ requirements too. You would benefit from these services and your senior year would progress with less anxiety and more attention to your classes and the college application process.

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