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Dear Estelle. Which is more important for an aspiring college applicant? A well-rounded person who is involved with many extracurriculars or a student who excels in just one or two activities, which require a full time commitment after school and on weekends. Figure skating is my passion consuming hours of time each week at the rink, early in the morning and after school. I don’t have visions of becoming an Olympic star but I do compete at the state level and participate in several ice shows a year. My concern is that colleges will find me too one-sided.  Amy S., Sophomore, Cherry Creek High School

A recent article in the Charlotte Observer reported that well rounded is out and “angular” is in. The ideal college applicant is one that is committed to and excels at one activity such as writing for the year book (and possibly becoming its editor), winning awards for their musical talent, being a key participant in a debate team, playing one or two seasonal sports, volunteering as a tutor, or working.

Figure skating certainly qualifies for dedication to a single pursuit. As a former “skating mom” I know the commitment that is required to pursue this endeavor. An admissions official calls the dabbler a “serial joiner who participates in a variety of clubs but never develops a mastery of any one of them.” Apparently college administrators believe that students who are committed to excelling at one activity have a better chance of being successful in all college endeavors.

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