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Dear Estelle. Is it possible to transfer at semester? I’m at a college that just isn’t right for me. You’ve talked about finding a college that’s a “good fit” and I must tell you nothing here is my size. The weather in the northwest is dreary all the time; the academics are not as interesting as high school; Saturday football dominates college life and my roommate and I have nothing to talk about. And I’m a long way from home. You’ll probably tell me to stick it out for the rest of the year because my opportunities for transferring will probably be better, but frankly I’d rather live at home and spend next semester at Metro.  Unhappy College Freshman

My first inclination is to encourage you to stick it out for the next few months and finish your freshman year. Sometimes being homesick makes everything else feel cloudy. The lack of sunshine doesn’t help either. Several suggestions may help improve the situation. Become involved in a few new activities. Audition for a play, try a new sport, join a religious group or become politically active. Consider developing a few small study groups to meet new people and have discussions around the material. Listen to speakers who come to your campus. Ask a professor if you can assist with research. Most important, maintain your grades at a high level even if you’re bored with the classes. If by Christmas, you still find school untenable, you can apply for fall transfer. Deadlines for transfer are usually April 1. If you honestly believe you will not be able to return after Christmas, it might be necessary to apply in the next few weeks for a semester transfer. Be advised! Some colleges will not even consider transfers at semester and others work on rolling admissions. Once the slots are gone, they’re gone. Above all, maintain a good attitude! Sometimes we can’t possibly know when we choose a college, it will be the right one. Transfers occur every year.

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