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Question. Currently I have a 10th grade counselee whose basic skills of reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, math and overall organizational and study techniques are clearly lacking. He entered our high school last fall and is barely making it academically. This is not a case of learning disabilities or low I.Q. He knows he must improve his study skills and take a new approach to learning or will have only marginal success in high school. Do you know of any summer programs that might be appropriate for him? His parents are committed to assisting him in any way to achieve his full potential and can afford to send him to a school this summer that will provide a supportive and challenging learning environment. Without a strategy of focused assistance I am concerned this young man will be a failure in high school and possibly drop out.

– FSJ, high school counselor, Denver Public Schools

Answer. Your concern for this student is bonafide. His inability to get organized and improve his study habits plus deficiencies in his basic skills will prove to be a great burden, if not remedied in next few years of high school. If affordable, my suggestion would be a comprehensive summer school program at a boarding school or college that focuses primarily on skill building and study techniques. New learning techniques and innovations exist which will greatly benefit your young student. If he is motivated he will improve his basic academic skills and learn strategies that will improve his academic performance and build self-confidence. Many programs offer SAT and ACT prep as part of their curriculum.

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