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Question. Can you make any recommendations for a high school senior who needs a year off from school? My parents claim to be open to postponing college for a year if I come up with a good plan. I am pleased with my college choice and know I can resume my education a year from now.
– John W. Littleton HS

Answer. This may be the perfect time to consider a gap year. Admissions deans at many colleges are advocating an interim year for those who need additional time to step back and reflect. Many students would benefit from taking time off to do something productive, whether it’s travel, volunteering or working. Last year I wrote in this column about the numerous options available for people your age to participate in a different type of experience other than college. Parents may be concerned that taking a year off might result in a student losing interest in attending college but that doesn’t appear to be an issue. The key to a successful “gap” year is to have a plan and focus. And remember to request deferral from your college.

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