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Question. Can you give your readers an update on the new SAT and ACT? All the information seems so confusing. Is it true that all students who take the two assessments will be required to take a writing test?  – Jay Cook, Englewood

Answer. Seniors, you can relax! You will not be taking either the new ACT or SAT. This information concerns current juniors. The changes to the SAT and ACT will be introduced in 2005, although the PSAT given this fall will reflect some of those changes. The ACT will remain the same, except for the addition of an optional Writing Test, whereas the Writing Test will be required on the new SAT. Over 80% of colleges will not require the writing assessment, although some may recommend it. Since the majority of colleges do not require it, why take it? Good question! Next spring, if you are unsure of where you plan to apply, it may be a good idea to take the ACT Writing. Remember too that the PSAT given this fall is tied to the National Merit award and is linked to the new SAT. Knowing the components of this test may be worthwhile information.

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