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Dear Estelle,
High school graduation is just a week away and our son, Sean, is excited about attending college and becoming independent. Our concern centers around his lack of interest in what he plans to do after completing college. He has worked several jobs during high school and has participated in numerous community service projects but never seems concerned about his life post-college. He likes the idea of leaving home, meeting new people, finding a girl friend and exploring all the other possibilities that college offers.

He’s not concerned about a major saying there’s no need to declare it until after sophomore year. As parents we would be happier if he had some direction so college doesn’t turn out to be just aimless studies. Isn’t college all about discovering one’s life work?

— Parents, Greenwood Village

Your concerns are legitimate but this could be a Millennial issue for Sean. Parents come in two different opposing types. The first group doesn’t concern itself with what happens in college believing their children will identify their majors and subsequent careers as they progress with their studies and ultimately discover their life’s passion. The other group feels that they are subsidizing their child’s college education with the expectation that a career will be the outcome. It is difficult to argue with either of these views.

For those parents expecting their son or daughter to have a career upon college graduation or just some assistance in identifying a major, I am recommending students take the assessment I mentioned above. Even if you are parents who want your child to have a wonderful liberal arts education that involves mainly an intellectual pursuit you might find this test enlightening for your child and also beneficial in selecting a major.

This summer is a prime time to do this. It’s excellent for those just beginning college and those soon-to-be college grads who need direction. It’s reasonably priced and produces excellent results.

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