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Dear Estelle. I’ve been studying lots of college view books and catalogs tolearn more about the colleges on my list but frankly I am finding the process rather tedious and unproductive. The view books don’t actually address the “personality” of the schools and make it virtually impossible to differentiate one from the other. With application deadlines looming can you suggest better ways to research colleges? Visiting schools has been useful but now it will be impossible to do until after I’ve been accepted. Cherry Creek HS Senior

In this day of computer information, there’s so much available on a college’s website. However don’t limit yourself to the web pages of the admissions office. Surfing the site as if you’re already a student will give you a good picture of life on the college campus. Most sites have links that will lead you to information on the amenities of a college including the library, housing, academic support, cultural events, clubs, health services, computing services, food service, athletics (varsity and club} and fitness facilities.

Many colleges print the student newspaper on line and report the proceedings of student government meetings. Spending time on each college website as if you were already a student will greatly enhance your knowledge about college life.

Nothing beats an actual college tour but a virtual tour can suffice for the moment!

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