Full Package Includes Complementary Career Assessment.

Undergraduate College Planning & Selection

Helping high school students…

  • Identify college options that fit their individual needs, interests and abilities, including special areas (i.e. dance, theatre, business, visual, performance arts, engineering, computer science, game design, artificial intelligence)
  • Prepare competitive college applications
  • Prepare for ACT/SAT Assessments
  • Complete and evaluate a career assessment to find a major
  • Set up timely application schedules
  • Select college references
  • Choose a suitable topic for the college application essay
  • Prepare for college visits and interviews
  • Understand options for financial aid
  • Enroll in high school classes that prepare them for college
  • Improve their study habits
  • Learn useful college survival tips
  • Develop decision-making skills

Other services…

    • Gap year (transition year)
    • Transfer
    • Summer Discovery programs
    • Learning disabilities
    • Skype and Facetime counseling
    • Financial aid guidance
    • Athletic resumes
    • e-mail and phone
    • Theatre, film, and music majors
    • Assistance with Boettcher, Presidential Leadership Applications (PLC)¬†and other scholarships

Graduate & Professional School Counseling

Helping college graduates…

  • Discover their best career options through aptitude, personality and interest testing
  • Select the graduate or professional school that fits their needs, interests and college background
  • Complete competitive graduate school applications
  • Prepare for school entrance interviews and exams
  • Timeline for MCAT, DAT, GRE, and GMAT

Career Assessment & Counseling

Helping people of all ages…

  • Define their career goals
  • Assess personal career aptitudes and interests, using interviews and inventories
  • Identify career options that fit their interests, abilities and lifestyles
  • Learn to use on-line resources for career research
  • Arrange and prepare for informational interviews
  • Identify opportunities for career training and education
  • Prepare for a career change
  • Make wise, life-long career decisions