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Dear Estelle. I am a sophomore at a private school in Denver who needs some counseling about my course selection for junior year. Academically, I work hard because I love learning, getting good grades and being in the top of my class. Some courses really interest me, especially history. Do you have suggestions for classes I should take next year? ERG, Denver

Here are some thoughts for sophomores planning their junior year:

  • Consider your goals for college. If you envision yourself attending an Ivy League or highly selective school then plan to enroll in the most challenging courses. If that is not your goal you can ease up on your course difficulty.
  • What courses really interest you? If you have a passion for history, for example,you might want to take an AP history course especially if that instructor has been an inspiration to you.
  • Some minimal requirements such as languages usually are not considered as part of your high school credits if taken prior to the 9th grade so plan to take three years of language.
  • Above all, try to assess your limitations. If you enjoy your academics but also are involved with athletics and other school activities, find the balance so you can do it all without creating anxiety. Remember, your social life is also an important component of high school.
  • Please contact me if you need assistance planning your coursework or activities for next year.

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