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Question. My son was accepted early to Yale a few weeks ago and now finds himself in a quandary. He is thrilled to be accepted and have “one in the bag” so to speak. However he also submitted applications to four additional schools, which he’s reluctant to withdraw because he still isn’t 100% sold on Yale. Although pleased with his early acceptance, if accepted and chooses to attend one of the other schools he feels he might deprive one of his high school friends a spot at Yale.
– N. S. Littleton

Answer. I admire your son’s sense of ethics. Most students wouldn’t be concerned about the well being of their peers. However, early action (EA) is nonbinding and he is not required to choose Yale just because he was accepted there. Since he’s unsure, he can continue to research his choices and wait until April to see which additional schools accept him and plan visitations again. Frequently students who apply EA or ED are denied ample time to make intelligent decisions.

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