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Is there such a thing as a BS/MD Option? Our daughter has wanted to be a doctor ever since she was four and tagged along to the hospital with her little hospital bag, with her dad, an internist, when he had to complete patient records. She still feels strongly about this profession although we have tried to dissuade her considering the mess health care is in. She loves the sciences and really is an all-around terrific student. She belongs to the Health Careers program at Smoky Hill High School and looks forward to every visit the group makes to medical sites. Considering her “passion” are there ways to minimize the amount of education a student needs to become a doc? Parent of a Smoky Hill “Rising Senior”

There are in fact many colleges, which have a 6 year BS/MD Option and as you can guess are very competitive. My take on these programs? They are of excellent quality and have been around for a long time. On the positive side, if your daughter qualifies, she will be accepted to the combined program as a freshman and after completing 2-3 years of undergrad automatically become a medical student. The combined program is a huge money-saver! On the con side, acquiring a four-year undergraduate education at a fine liberal arts college or university is a real opportunity. Bypassing a year or two reduces that part of her education which focuses on how we become the individuals we are and how we think. It is the life long learning component, so to speak. She will be a physician for a long, long time. Medical school is difficult and very focused. However, if after researching this option she is convinced she would like to pursue it, she should go for it!

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