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Dear Estelle. What should we do to help our daughter who wasn’t accepted to her favorite school? She’s never been rejected from anything and judging from some of your previous columns, rejection is possible even for students who are #1 in their class. We realize that rejection comes in many ways throughout life but do you have some tips for parents of a first child who is ready to attend college.  Parent of Cherry Creek High School Senior

Let’s face it, rejection hurts no matter who we are or how old. With college rejection it’s even more difficult because peers who are either elated or dejected surround us. Here are some thoughts to contemplate and share with your daughter: “It’s not about you; it’s about enrollment management. There are more students applying to college than ever before in history. You could succeed academically at almost any college in the country. It’s getting in that’s so difficult. About 1% of the colleges in the country create almost 100% of the frenzy.”

“Colleges like diversity in their classes: socioeconomic, geographic, gender (it’s harder for females now), special talent. And then there are factors like legacy, development (economics), athletic recruitment and seeking out the underrepresented.”
A California colleague of mine suggests there be a “Senior Mantra” put into effect right about now stating, “College admissions isn’t a judgment on my life nor one on my parents or upbringing. Successful college admission is about ending up with a choice…and being happy a year from now. I will take charge and believe in myself…”

Hopefully, you have other schools that did accept you. Believe it or not, most students find their second choice equally satisfying.

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