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Dear Estelle,
We graduated from college a year ago and have begun graduate and professional schools, after a year off to work and travel. We’re excited about our new adventure in life but frankly concerned about our parents. We are the youngest in our family of four, and our mom and dad are faced with the “empty nest.” Dad has a good job and mom volunteers for several organizations but they’ve spent much of their leisure time in the past decade just being at our sporting events and school activities. They’ve been talking about retirement lately, traveling, playing golf and bridge, but we think they need a plan, which includes more intellectual stimulation. They’re too young to stop working, dad is only 57, mom is 56. Is there any kind of college for adults who are getting older, but have lots of vitality and energy? – Amy and Stephanie, Denver

Due to better health people live much longer nowadays and, it’s not unusual for adults to age into their 90’s. According to statistics, this age group also has significantly more disposable income. Of course, with two children completing college and beginning graduate school they might find that disposable income curtailed for a while. Nevertheless, they’re doing some retirement planning and thinking of all the wonderful ways to spend their time in their “golden years.” Travel, golf and visiting grandchildren are terrific diversions but it is not too early to consider intellectually stimulating classes and you might suggest to them that they consider attending a college for retired or nearly retired adults. One of the most popular is right here in Denver on the south side of town. It is called The Academy and offers wonderful courses which would tantilize anyone. A full range of classes are offered twice a year and currently there are close to 300 enrollees who gather to take classes in the humanities, literature, economics, politics and art. The only catch ? There are no tests, just a lot of learning for pleasure. Besides the classes, there are divertimenti, brief classes in bridge, museum walks, and yoga. For more information about The Academy call 303.770.0786. For more information about the course offerings visit The Academy website: www.AcademyLL.org.

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